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Oriental Living is the leading supplier of furniture and home décor in the south of Thailand and has a wide range of furniture for holiday homes and villas, hotels, restaurants and real estate projects.

Full container loads, or smaller quantities, for private and joint-venture projects both domestic and international, can be shipped at very reasonable rates. Products are transported directly from our premises with packaging carefully controlled by our team of professionals. Direct from factory sales receive discounts to ensure that buyers receive worthwhile and competitive prices. We have shipped furniture and home accessories for projects in Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and many other countries.

Why Our Company?

Because all of us have different tastes and finding the right fittings for developments isn’t something that can be done overnight, the Oriental Living Team gives every client its personal and dedicated attention in order to satisfy their requirements and to achieve the most effective and pleasing results.

Additionally, all our products are made in a well-known and reliable factory which shares our commitment to quality and durability. Our entire indoor furniture product line is guaranteed as to structural integrity for two years and our outdoor products are guaranteed for up to eighteen months.

Project Developments We’ve Worked With

Need some inspiration? Then, take a look at the projects we have already completed with our interior services in Phuket and Samui, plus all around Thailand.