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Bayside Beach Villa 2

Bayside Beach Villa 2

About This Villa's Interior Design Project

Explore the serene essence of Zen Simplicity meticulously woven into our interior design project, offering an inviting haven for ultimate relaxation. Every facet of this space embodies the tranquility and simplicity derived from Zen philosophy. Each meticulously curated detail invites a sense of calm and mindfulness, fostering an ambiance conducive to inner peace.

Harmony with Nature resonates throughout our project, where interior spaces seamlessly merge with the natural world. Embracing the lush landscapes of Koh Samui, our design elements establish a harmonious oasis, inviting a profound connection with nature. Visit our website at for further details, inspiration, and an in-depth glimpse into this tranquil haven.

Client Testimonial

“It is indeed my pleasure to write this testimonial regarding Oriental Living as a company. A special mention should be made regarding the expert team assembled by management. That, in itself, speaks volumes for the level of expertise, the quality of their projects, and the excellent ongoing service to its clients.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Peter Anders. I have lived in Samui for over 10 years and own three luxury villas in the high-end Plai Laem area. My background has been in hotel management and ownership in the USA.

My home villa presented a different challenge, with more personal touches and different design features and ideas. Oriental Living was up to that task and delivered an excellent design, offering great assistance from the start of the project to its satisfactory end.

On the other hand, my two luxury rental villas posed a greater challenge. We had to present a product with extraordinary eye appeal, reflecting an open plan with a luxurious feel while highlighting the colors of our tropical paradise. Simultaneously, we had to consider the villa’s use. Being a rental had its own challenges, and we knew they would experience wear and tear. Oriental’s task was to introduce not only the design around those elements but also practical furniture selection, suitable fabrics, floorings, and all finishes.

We realized that having their input would prove to be cost-effective, providing longevity and guest satisfaction when it came to housekeeping and maintenance duties moving forward. And it certainly has.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Oriental Living. Khun Alex and his team here in Samui are wonderful to work with; they understand the complexities and challenges that we face. They have excellent design knowledge and presentation skills, superb follow-up, and a hands-on approach with personal attention to detail, which is paramount in all their projects. The after-service provided is a vital part of their company culture and is much appreciated by customers and clients.”

– Khun Peter Anders