Meet Our Team

  • Michael Dietvorst
    Michael Dietvorst MANAGING DIRECTOR

    Micheal, the man behind the brand, spends most of his time planning and implementing long-term business strategies to achieve the company’s objectives, while also looking for opportunities to increase efficiencies and speed up processes across the company.

    • Alex Raksai

      Alex creates the magic by determining the look and feel of a client’s home by selecting and placing decorative elements such as paint, textiles and furniture. He also meets directly with clients to get a sense of how they intend to use their space and how they want it to feel so that we can work with their budget to bring a room to life.

      • Khun ID

        For nearly 5 years Somporn Wanwang (Id) has ensured that we work as efficiently as possible while making certain that our products and services go above and beyond to satisfy our clients.

        • Khun Nadia
          Khun Nadia ACCOUNTING

          Wiyada Thongruang (Nadia), the numerical genius, provides auditing services to ensure that statements and records comply with laws and regulations while inspecting account books and accounting systems to keep them up to date.

          • Khun Beer
            Khun Beer TECHNICIAN

            For over 4 years Sarayut ‘Beer’ Somphuet has been an expert technician of our organization. He is responsible for performing general maintenance and repairs to furniture as well as providing our clients with the best quality service.

            • Khun Eak
              Khun Eak SHOWROOM ASSISTANTS

              Chayakul Chotbunditwut (Eak) may very well be the first face you see – providing assistance to clients entering the showroom and ensuring that all items are labeled with the appropriate quote information to show the client.

              • Khun Bell
                Khun Bell Sales

                Supranee Samoa (Bell), our cheerleader, supports the sales force with general operations to help reach the team’s objectives. This includes checking prices, ensuring that contracts are up to date and reporting monthly sales results to the sales team.

                • Khun Pang
                  Khun Pang Sales

                  Lalita Phuinnooy (Pang) can do it all. Not only doe she maintain knowledge of current sales and promotions, as well as policies regarding payment and exchanges, but can recommend, select and help locate or obtain merchandise based on our guests’ needs and desires.

                  • Khun Toon
                    Khun Toon Technician

                    Win Toon, our customers’ greatest support, is in charge of service and customer assistance during field visits and dispatches while managing all on-site installation, repairs, maintenance and test tasks. He also cooperates with the technical team and shares information across our team.

                    • Khun Sam
                      Khun Sam Technician

                      Komtawich Phongphaw (Sam), specializes in fixing and maintaining our products and is versatile in several areas and is the master of multitasking. Not only does he ensure proper repair and completion of doors, tables, chairs and other furniture, he also ensures the comfort of our staff and guests.

                      • Khun Viu
                        Khun Viu DESIGNER

                        Viu (Waragorn) is a young soul who is craving for new ideas to fulfill client properties with creativity and innovative conceptual design. Starting from gathering information from clients to creating project proposal back to clients.

                        • Khun Lux
                          Khun Lux House Maid

                          Wannalak Yayee (Lux), the backbone behind the scenes, ensures that our rooms are prepared for meetings, and arranges decorations, media equipment and furniture properly. She also is in charge of maintaining storage areas and overseeing that furniture well-stocked, clean and tidy.

                          • Khun Dear
                            Khun Dear DESIGNER

                            Ponsawan Sereewong (Dear) is as her nickname says a total dear. She is young and full of energy, always bringing new ideas to the team. Her creative mind is what makes her perfect at what she does, with her careful attention to detail, she always ensure that the presentation is spot on.

                            • Khun Noon
                              Khun Noon SALES

                              Kannaphat Pudsorn (Noon), is the online specialist in charge of communications, she is the one who will be assisting you and other people when they enquire online about prices or information. Whilst also managing and checking our online stock.

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