Property Improvement & Makeovers



  • Consultation on what needs to be done in order to increase property value
  • Rearrange Existing Furniture
  • Remodel & Makeover specific areas
  • Custom Fit-outs for Villas & Hotels
  • Refurbish and Renovate your property

Providing property owners an opportunity to increase their property market value with our remodeling and makeover service. Allowing you to sell your house at an added market value due to its upped looks and feel. Whether it’s using your existing furniture, purchasing a few new decorations, a specific room makeover or an entire property renovation.

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Interior Redesign & Reorganize

Sometimes adding value to a property for sale is as simple as improving your existing interior design — before you consider an entire renovation. An increase of property value can be done by the basics of improving the exterior looks (first impression), the main living spaces, such as the kitchen, dining and living area and the way in which they work together. Decorating jobs need not cost the earth in order to add value — painting walls and mouldings, repairing loose floorboards and fixing door and window latches will all boost value.

It all starts with a property inspection, where we get a better understanding of what you already have in order to determine how we can best work with the furniture. Then we create a simple layout plan on how to move the furniture around or where to add new pieces to help complete the space.

Room Makeovers

Sometimes some rooms are in need of a complete makeover, as property buyers tend to look at the most important spaces of the property for sale. These areas include: Dining Area, Kitchen, Bedroom and the main living area. A room’s appearance can make a huge difference in your property value. Enhancing the light flow, colour scheme and fixing new fitting can make a big difference. Replacing the old with the new will leave an even better impression than a dull outdated room.

Property Improvements

Property improvements are great for properties that have wear and tear over time and usage. These properties will require a renovation on exterior, interior paints, furniture, and fixing some defects. Properties that are more worn down and gloomy looking will directly affect the value of a property for sale, they could and most likely will put off most potential buyers.

We help the owners to create a new space that will increase the value. First, we will speak to the clients about the wants, needs, and budgets. Then using your information we will give our recommendations to remodel and enhance your property as best as possible.

Our showrooms will be closed from 25th March 2020 until it will be safe to open again due to Covid-19 situations.

We are still in normal business mode as our team are working from home.