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From Vision to Reality: A Testimonial By Tom Buckenberger

From Vision to Reality: A Testimonial By Tom Buckenberger

“After construction work on our first house in Chaweng Noi made good progress in August 2019, we started looking for an interior design company that could help us plan and design our rooms.

Since we have already furnished numerous properties ourselves, it was important to us to find a partner with whom we could best implement our ideas in terms of taste, quality and reliability when working together.

As expected, the selection of suitable partner companies for interiors in the upper quality segment on Koh Samui was quite manageable. That’s why we looked around Bangkok. But by the second, more intensive conversation with Khun Alex and his team, we knew that we were in good hands.

Since Oriental Living really has a lot to present in its exhibition offering, it was important to us to first share our taste ideas with Khun Alex. And it was precisely at this point that our partner’s first strength became apparent: the ability to listen carefully, coupled with his own competence and creativity, quickly led us to a very convincing overall concept, which now had to be implemented.

In January 2020, all orders were placed with Oriental Living and we thought everything else was going according to plan. But nobody expected Covid. We were neither able to take over the house in April nor were the various suppliers able to meet their schedules.

This is exactly where a second strength of the Oriental Living team emerged: flexibility and the ability to improvise. The collaboration over a distance of almost 10.000 km also worked perfectly.

When we finally came to Samui in December 2020, our contractor and Alex and his team had everything perfectly prepared – every single room was fully furnished, decorated and decorated with flowers.

Our subsequent experiences and experiences connected us more and more with Koh Samui. As a result of the COVID time in Europe, we spent almost half a year here.

By a stroke of luck we were able to have another one in February 2021. Acquire a much larger property – at ground level and “on top of the hill”.

It goes without saying that we once again relied on the support of Oriental Living for the furnishings. And here too we were by no means disappointed.

In addition, the third real strength of Oriental Living became evident: the absolute will to offer the best service. We used this for the so-called “home staging” of our first house. Thanks to the very professional and committed support of Khun Alex and his team, we were able to attract numerous interested parties for our property and sell it promptly. Oriental Living will always be a focal point for us.”

– Tom Buckenberger 

(Owner Of A Private Villa In Samui)