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Putting the wow factor into Samui’s homes with Oriental Living.

Samui boasts an ever-expanding collection of homes for the island’s
many visitors and residents. Many places impress with incredible views,
but the interiors may lag behind the exteriors. A lot of villas may need
a helping hand when it comes to furniture and décor. They’re supposed
to be convivial places after all, whether for a couple or for a dozen or
more guests. And that’s where Oriental Living steps in.
Oriental Living is the brainchild of Dutch-born Michael Dietvorst, who
started the business 27 years ago as an art gallery. Together with
Khun Alex W. Raksai and a very efficient team, he presents the best
furniture, accessories and art from South-East Asia, China and India – the
provenance is basically inspired by the Silk Road catchment area. The
team manages every time to come up with collections that are a blend
of the original and the satisfying. Both traditional and contemporary
influences are to be seen in the showroom that Oriental Living has in
Maenam. Step inside and you’ll see that immediately – there’s a vibrancy
here that a good many villas can only hope to have.
There’s only so much that a showroom, however good, can achieve.
Oriental Living will soon have an actual show home, which will really
give you a much better idea of what they can do. The show home,
which will be ready this September, is close by and will definitely be
worth a visit.

Over the years Michael and Khun Alex have found many suppliers who
fit their criteria of inspired design, and if you’re on Samui at the moment,
you can drop in at the store and see the latest collection, all the products
that have just come in from various places across the region. You’ll be
warmly welcomed and offered some coffee. Feel free to browse to your
heart’s content; the experience is much like stepping inside a gallery,
and you’re a guest for as long as you choose to stay. Should you have

any questions, friendly, knowledgeable staff are there to help. Fluent
in English, Thai, Italian and with a working knowledge of Chinese,
they’ll be able to give you informed advice. Attending international fairs
(they’ve just returned from Jakarta and Singapore) is something else that
they do, gathering new contacts and fresh ideas along the way. But probably just as important is the harvest of treasures they hunt out themselves in the most out-of-the-way places. The small city lanes that no-one bothers with can be home to great artisans, and by doing a lot of footwork, they come across some wonderful products. Their contacts, new and old, send them the fruits of their labours; the store is filled with amazing and curious finds.

Oriental Living is expert at turn-key furnishing and interior design for entire residential development projects; over the years they’ve worked with a number of top-end designers, including The Ridge, Samujana and Kanda Residences. But they’re equally at ease if you’re just looking for inspiration for your own home. So whether you’d like a ready-to-move-in solution, right own to the spoons and forks, or you’re just thinking of buying a table, these are the people to go to.

When it comes to projects, they also have an in-house designer, Khun Viu
Chaiyasin, who can proceed from just a few ideas, fleshing out a look and
a style that will complement the property. If you’re looking to start, continue or finish a project, big or small, the team can work within your budget and implement your ideas. Oriental Living prides itself on listening to clients’ needs and spending time getting to know them. And once the project has been completed, it’s still not time to say good-bye. The team also offer an after-sales service that includes a yearly inspection, which means that they’ll see potential problems before they occur.

Oriental Living is on the ring-road in Maenam, about 500 metres after the bend where Zazen Resort is located. It’s open from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm Mondays to Fridays, and from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays. Oriental Living also has a branch in Phuket, in Cherngtalay Park. Meantime, Loft by Oriental Living, opposite Big C on the ring-road in Chaweng, offers a collection of artworks, furniture and accessories to further inspire you.  Oriental Living showcases the best of South-East Asia when it comes to furnishings and interior design. Transforming properties of all kinds, this creative team is always a delight to work with. No matter how exacting your requirements may be, they’ll bring their winning flair and creativity to the fore.

Dimitri Waring

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